Beta Testing: July 9th!

Really? Yes, really. We are finally announcing a date when you can test the first version of Mech Mice!

So, beta testing is less than three weeks away, but what does “beta testing” mean? It means that you’ll get the opportunity to try out the game in an unfinished form. Some things won’t be working, some of the art won’t be finished.

MM beta logo

Why are we releasing it to be played before the game is finished? Because we need your help! We’re going to be asking you to send us everything about the game that you can think of: comments, bug reports, places where you got stuck, things that you loved. Without you, we can’t make a good game.

See you on July 9th!



268 thoughts on “Beta Testing: July 9th!

    • The Beta is already here. :) Just click the button up at the top of the page that reads play. There is no download other than Unity Web Player, which you need to play the beta.

      Mech Beak out!

  1. How do I reach the beta test? Will there be a link posted or a DL link posted? I already have Unity installed

  2. It’s like 1:11am EST. Waiting for beta testing. Even thought it will open around the morning time. #Mechmicebeta Can’t wait!!!!

  3. Will we keep all of our stuff when the bet testing ends? Or will it stay, but some content won’t be available?

  4. Nice going. Graphics look epic and I’ve been looking at the YouTube videos as-well. Everything to do with Mech Mice looks awesome. The story, EVERYTHING. Cannot wait until it comes out tomorrow.

  5. Perfect timing! Im leaving to go in vacation just the next day! Im gonna record it and take lots of screenshots! BTW do we have to pay? I hope not!

  6. Awesome! I’ve been waiting years for this game,and it’s great that we’ll finally be able to play it in just a week.

  7. I’ve been waiting 2 years cant believe the sites done I cant believe I may be one of the first to test this imam create mm armies if your in the cp army community you know what I mean

  8. ill be playing when i wake up I hope you will get lots of views and it will be my first time to play a beta of a game.

    • plus i hope ill get atleast more friends then i had on cp.

      ( I left when rsnail left ) played cp in 2006 to 2008

  9. YES, I can’t wait :D
    I’ve been waiting for this since early 2012, and now it’s going to happen (:

    How many characters will be restricted for our username ?

  10. Finally I will be able to test out another one of your games again. Ive been playing your games for 10 years ever since the penguin chat 3 days! I helped test out club penguin also. Quick question will this be a closed beta or open? If its closed then how do we get beta keys?

  11. Looks like if you go onto and “@xReelGamingx if you join the #MechMiceBeta, you’ll get an exclusive beta unit”. Well that should answer hundreds of questions on how to get the beta unit.

    • Probably, but they are working on the desktop version first, then releasing to the mobile platforms.

  12. I LOVE your other game Club Penguin, and I hope this game will be just as great!! I will be beta testing on July 9th ;)

  13. hi you might know me on club penguin
    but i just wanted to know is there going to be a membership
    and how much will it cost?

  14. Ok. I’m gonna say this nicely as possible. DO NOT LET DISNEY BUY IT!!!!!! Thank you. Oh and while I’m here, I know it’s not going to be a multiplayer game at first and a game of strategy, but I would like to know if you can earn virtual coins and get clothes and stuff (weapons) for your mouse or something. Is it for girls, too? Sorry about all he questions and all I just need to know this stuff. Thanks!
    - Mary Sue1 (again soon to be Mech Mary or Mech Mary Sue [1] )

  15. I cannot wait for this game, 1. because it is made by the same guy who made CP, 2. because it is a tactical strategy game. & 3. because it looks incredible

  16. Super!
    I’m french : can you make a french version because my english is very bad, I’m 13 years old…
    See you later!
    — Canarduck

  17. Hey Mech Mice Team, I got a question. I will be away all day on July 9th and will not bee able to play. Does this mean that I will not be considered a “beta” and I will not be able to get the beta unit? Or will beta last for a few weeks (as well as the opportunity to receive the beta unit)?


    • Beta testing in ClubPenguin only lasted One day, at odds this is most likely what we will be expecting. But hey you never know XbirdCP you might luck out and this beta could last two days or maybe even a week.

      • Just got new information that beta is most likely going to last till they launch the game in October.
        I’m sure this is gonna make a lot of people happy that are going to be away on the 9th. As for beta unit you got to go to twitter and tweet #MechMiceBeta .”@xReelGamingx if you join the #MechMiceBeta, you’ll get an exclusive beta unit for your squad!”

      • The beta testing on CP took about two months. The beta test party that only lasted a few hours for testing the server’s capacity, using the party hat as an incentive to get more people on the server at once.

    • Well man, beta’s are on the beta day, and if beta lasts more than a day we will be mad. Too many people will get beta! But i feel for you! :’( If you come on the second or third day i will call you a beta! :D

      I am JacksonAfroman, nice to meet you!

      • We should be happy that there are many people testing the game, so there will be less flaws on the final version. It’s not about being beta, it’s about being helpful.

        Beta will be here from July to October, so not joining on 07/09 shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Yes ChrysX everybody that participates during the July 9th beta will receive a unique beta unit. Its still unknown how we will be given the beta unit, a mission or maybe even once we sign in it will be given to us. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  18. Woo! I never thought I’d see the day. Been waiting for this since you announced it, and you even got the year correct! : )
    I wish you the best of luck for the public release. It will be an honor to beta test a game made by you.

    • This is gonna be open beta so on July 9th they are gonna update this website so that you can create an account.
      I wouldn’t recommend staying up till 1 Am because they typicality update around 5 or 7:00 Am depending on your time zone. I speck from personal experience.

  19. I have been waiting for two years for this game!!!!!!! Will you automatically get the beta unit on July 9th or will you need to beat a quest to unlock it? (Make it easy plz XD)

  20. My favorite like about these games is strategy but it will be even better if there’s a way to communicate with moderators in the game to go into special beta missions and earn medals for it (: it would feel special and an honor <3

  21. Maximum cool!, (NOTE: I My brazzilian) when going out in Portuguese?, and how can I play? (Traduzed of Google Tradutor)

    • From the words of Mech Robert – Here is the response on the Facebook page. “We’re not sure yet on dates for things like international translations, but we’re keeping a close watch on what everyone is asking and hoping for. So keep your questions and requests coming!” -Bottom page translated into Portuguese.
      - – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      A partir das palavras de Robert Mech – Aqui está a resposta na página do Facebook. “Não temos certeza ainda sobre datas para coisas como traduções internacionais, mas estamos mantendo uma estreita vigilância sobre o que todo mundo está pedindo e esperando. Portanto, mantenha suas perguntas e pedidos vindos! ”
      -Steel Cyryudeen

  22. Just a reminder, as many of you may know there is no beta item. But there will be a unique beta unit for everyone to collect on July 9th so be sure you mark this date on your calender, I sure did.

      • My best guess is that once we log on we will receive it or like ClubPenguin you just walk up to it to collect the unit. Its unlikely that we got to do work to earn it, but like everyone else I’m keeping a open mind to the possibility’s. I wish you all the luck Nathan. -Steel Cyryudeen

    • I’ve been waiting for the beta since before early 2011 or 2012 I think. I have the date memorized. I won’t miss such a swag game’s beta.

      • Yeah as the days go by and beta getting even closer I keep finding my self constantly checking this website. Funny thing is yesterday night I woke up from a dead sleep panicking, thinking that I missed beta I quickly ran to the computer to check the website lol.

    • A date for multiplayer is yet to be released but they intend to launch multiplayer around 2014.
      I am guessing they will release it in spring of 2014. But most likely they will have a separate site where they will be testing and working on multiplayer throughout the rest of the year.

      • They should do multiplayer like Minecraft does it-have the fans host the server! That way there could be plugins for different servers!

    • All moderators are carefully chosen by the MechMice team.
      (Note you got to be a employee of HyperHippo games, and very rarely they choose non-employees to help moderate the game.)

  23. And this is the story being, the origin of evil. The beginning of a legend. And the start of a island that will change this planet…………

  24. I have heard of this from club penguin wiki when it said that the previous owner or Club Penguin created this

  25. Hey guys I can’t wait ’til your game is released I have been following the game ever since it was mentioned

  26. Awesome, just in time for my birthday on the 24th of July :) thank you SO much! I can now play an AWESOME game on my birthday, as a little treat! Just one question – I heard there will be a Beta Unit, so what is the Beta Unit like? :D

  27. I have been with this project since the beginning of its release, and I am very eager to play after so long. This will surely be one excellent game!

        • If you already have it you should have nothing to worry about. But if it asks you to re install it, it shouldn’t be a problem would only take about 3-4 minutes all depending on your computer speed.

  28. Hello everyone! I visit this site everyday.This is my second online virtual game (after CP) And i was suprised that you updated the site.I think that i was on wrong site.But when i see that url of the blog.Then i say Yes! They done it! No i am waiting for beta test,Until then……….Keep working,You friend,Mice_Keys =)

  29. I have been waiting months for this, can’t wait for the opportunity to beta test this new and exiting game!

    • Here is the response on the Facebook page. “We’re not sure yet on dates for things like international translations, but we’re keeping a close watch on what everyone is asking and hoping for. So keep your questions and requests coming!”

  30. Crazily excited as I’m sure the whole team is too! The website layout is beautiful, & I await the beta test! When will we be able to register? :D

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